I am already at a stage where I feel that either this will happen:

or this:
Free Clipart.
Maybe I have reached this stage BECAUSE I am at the beginning.
I started reading an article about science communication which lead me to the effectiveness of science blogging BUT also to the importance of peer review and how this is going to evolve AND also on whether science should be blogged, tweeted etc AND to the conclusion that there are a lot of interesting blogs out there, which have a LOT of comments to go through.
And I have not even started to look at science policy!!!!!!!
But fuelled with excitement I am running too fast I think. I have to pace myself: one aspect at a time. I have created a few posts on all of these subjects which I am hoping to be able to build on over the next few months.
I know this post is a bit pointless, but since this is in a way a diary of a journey I think I will need to write diary-entry-like posts every now and then. I hope you don’t mind… 🙂

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