European Citizen’s Agenda of Science and Innovation

I finally got back to Athens 2 days ago: I was supposed to be away in Paris for 8 days but I ended up staying for 2 weeks due to the volcano eruption. I cannot really complain. The only problem is that when you are stranded away from home it is more difficult to write your blog!

Anyway the meeting in Paris was related to knowledge, science, youth, communication and policy issues and I learned a lot of interesting things that I will mention in my future posts. For the time being I suggest to the European people that might fall into this blog, to go and vote at the website that is mentioned below.

The following text i copied pasted it from the e-mail I was sent:

Science and innovation have played an essential role in our history. The search for knowledge to advance together is one of the pillars of European culture.

Creativity, innovation and enterprising spirit are essential values we should feel identified with in order to tackle the enormous challenges faced by Europe both today and in 2030.

What is the Citizen’s Agenda of Science and Innovation?

The Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) has embarked on an awareness campaign in which European citizens are going to be able to inform top level representatives of science and innovation in Europe about what challenges should be addressed in these two areas in the time horizon until 2030.

Marking the Spanish presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2010, and with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, FECYT presents this unique and innovative initiative to all the citizens of Europe: the Citizen’s Agenda of Science and Innovation.

You are going to change our lives.

The Citizen´s Agenda includes 14 challenges that will change our lives by 2030. Which do you think should be included in the agendas of our European representatives so it can become a reality?

Discover 14 exciting challenges for the future and choose one. Choose your challenge now!

Check out the video (has English subtitles):

Vote here:

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