a small update – diary entry

You might have noticed I have been away for a while.

A side of me wants to say: “I wish I could tell you that I’ve been on holiday”. This side is tired.

The other side, however, wants to say: “I have been working on a Youth in Action proposal for the EU!!!”. That side is enthusiastic and full of energy.

Both sides are saying the truth. Writing a proposal from scratch by yourself is a difficult thing. Especially if you have no experience like me. I will tell you more about the event this proposal is about, if it gets accepted. I don’t want to say anything else, in case I jinx it. Now that the proposal has been submitted, I have finally started to look around me.

Greece is nowhere near looking like this:

there is still time for:

But I have the feeling that children get around this time. Well… some children, I bet a lot of them don’t. I always liked school because it meant I had a lot more company of my age – you guessed correctly I was an only child. So let me rephrase – I have the feeling I used to get as a child around this time: Athens is full of people again, shops are selling school things, the temperature dropped below the high 30s it has been for most of the summer, etc etc. All these lead me to think that a brand new year is starting. And I am highly optimistic and enthusiastic about it! :):)

This year will be interesting!!! For me and for this blog. I am continuing on my quest to understand the relationship between science and society, through my own reading. At the same time I am starting a Masters course on Public Policy and Management, so that i can understand a bit more the economics and the politics that affect Science Policy. If my proposal gets accepted I will have all sorts of other news. Maybe some news from my work too.

So I want to wish you a happy new academic year! :):)


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