WebWise: Web 2.0. supported Higher Education Institutional Learning Scenarios for Collaborative Learning

WEBWISE is a European Project with subject Web 2.0. supported Higher Education Institutional Learning Scenarios for Collaborative Learning


Health and education are amongst the most important social and economic resources in contemporary Europe as in the rest of the world, and both are facing very substantial transformation process. Accordingly, the current healthcare education system is coping with a wide-spectrum of challenges, the most notable of which being the inclusion of the ever increasing skill and training requirements for healthcare graduates as well as innovation in many fields.

What is more, the Bologna Process has brought about a series of important reforms in Higher Education, having initiated processes aiming significant harmonization in recognition, course structure and quality assurance to name but a few examples. An even cursory look at the instruments created by Bologna process shows an emphasis on flexible learning pathways, recognition of prior learning, widening access to second cycle studies and a host of other instruments aimed at doing quite the opposite of the negative perceptions of the process.

With this in mind, WebWise brings together a range of European higher education institutions active in the field of public health education as well as experts for innovating e-learning, to analyze, experiment and develop innovative learning scenarios within public health education.

The general objective of WebWise is to support the improvement, the quality, the efficiency and the accessibility of Higher Education using the structure of the Bologna process and the innovative methodological collaborative Web 2.0. learning tools. Within this objective, the project will aim to:

  • Identify innovative learning scenarios and learning designs within public health or general health education
  • Suggest and test a number of innovations to improve the learning process within the scenarios
  • Identify and elaborate the key improvements from the pilots
  • Recommend how such improvements may be transferred in public health education and to other areas of Higher Education
  • Disseminate recommendations to competent authorities on a national and European level

Its target groups are:

  • Regulatory bodies
  • Managers
  • Deliverers
  • Users

in public health and public health related study programmes.

Please visit its webpage: http://projekte.hs-magdeburg.de/whole/course/view.php?id=97


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