Science in Policy and Policy in Science: two events coming up

I am pleased to say that I will have the joy of attending two events next month – from which I will be tweeting hopefully.

Science in Policy

As a geekmanifesto groupie, i would not miss the CSaP annual conference 2013 “Future directions for scientific advice in Whitehall“. As mentioned in a previous post, next month Sir John Beddington gives his place as Chief Scientific Advisor to Sir Mark Walport. Thus, the aim of the conference is to launch a collection of essays charting future directions for scientific advice in Whitehall.

Policy in Science

The other event is the launch event of the Vision2020: Horizon network, an excellence-based multi-sectoral network of organisations that are strategically aligning in order to face the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming Horizon 2020 European funding programme. The launch event will take place in central London on April 19th 2013 from 11:00 to 17:00. Speakers:

  • Alan Cross (Deputy Head of Unit, Framework Programme, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission) will talk about forthcoming opportunities under Horizon 2020
  • Morten Moller (Head of Programme Coordination Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission) will provide an overview of the European Commission’s research agenda in the area of Information Communication Technology.

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