The Creative Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in a Τime of Crisis

An interesting conference taking place in Athens organised by the British Council

The Creative Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in a Τime of Crisis

The importance of creativity and innovation in the context of the globalised and extremely competitive economic environment of the 21st century cannot be overstated. More than ever before, during this period of economic turmoil there is increasing recognition that a large proportion of the new economy will depend on how well leaders succeed in supporting and unlocking people’s creative energies and capacity for innovation as a means of developing dynamic and vibrant regions, cities, communities and businesses alike. New circumstances demand new solutions, and creativity and innovation will be key to overcoming economic and social challenges.

Join us at the Creative Economy Conference we are organising in collaboration with the Department of Communications, Media and Culture at Panteion University and IANOS publishers. The conference aims to take a closer look at both the British and Greek experience and share knowledge and best practice between the two countries. It brings together experts from Greece and the UK and from various fields of science, technology, the humanities, policy making, the arts and culture, as well as successful real-life innovators, to discuss and exchange ideas on the challenges and opportunities of a creative economy in a time of crisis.