Responsible Innovation – some additional interesting links

Following a previous post on responsible innovation I found some additional interesting links:

A new old definition of Responsible Innovation by Hilary Sutcliffe (12/3/2013) see also her MATTER report

Less Innovation, More Inequality By EDMUND S. PHELPS (24/2/2013)

Scientists ‘need responsible research evaluations’ T. V. Padma (18/7/2013)

A video of Xavier Pavie on Responsible Innovation at the World Climate Congress Dublin

Xavier Pavie – Responsible Innovation – World… par xpavie

A link to the DG Research workshop on Responsible Research & Innovation in Europe (May 2011).

Book of abstracts at the Book of abstracts 2nd Conference on RESPONSIBLE INNOVATION 13-14 December 2012, The Hague, The Netherlands.

A link to a European Project KARIM, the Knowledge Acceleration and Responsible Innovation Meta-network, aimed at facilitating knowledge transfer across North West Europe (NWE).

See also Rene von René von Schomberg’s Responsible Research and Innovation matrix and a commentarty on that.

UPDATE: The article of Catie Lichten “Taking responsibility” in ResearchEurope looks at the recent Commission report to find how links are forged between societal needs and funding for scientific advances. [21/03/2013]

UPDATE2: I just found the channel on daily motion of the French Embassy in the UK that organised a conference on responsible innovation. You can find the videos here: [30/04/2013]

UPDATE3: I was told by a lovely reader of this blog about a book that came out recently called “Responsible Innovation: Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society”  We get free access to the first and second chapters and here is the review of the book [03/07/2013]

11 thoughts on “Responsible Innovation – some additional interesting links

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  2. Could I add the Handbook for Responsible Innovation through Amazon and the work of the Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation in Milan too the list please. The Bassetti Foundation has a huge archive from 15 years of work related to responsible innovation.

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